不管你站在法庭的哪一边, it is important that you have an experienced litigation attorney to help guide you through the process and represent you in court.


What is Litigation? Simply put, 诉讼是对个人采取法律行动的过程, business, 或者其他组织.
If you are involved in the litigation process, you may find yourself in one of two positions:

  • The plaintiff is the individual that is bringing the case against another (individual or company) in a court of law.
  • The defendant is the individual (or company or organization) being sued in a court of law.


Although many people assume that the word “litigation” is simply another way to describe a lawsuit, 它实际上是一个更广泛的术语. “Litigation” is a process that involves the full range of actions and activities that take place before, during, and after a lawsuit, 以强制执行一项合法权利为目的而实施的.


  • Investigation
  • Pre-lawsuit谈判
  • Arbitrations
  • 协助或调解
  • Trial
  • Appeals

Litigation also begins long before an individual ever sets foot in a courtroom – in fact, it starts the moment a person decides to pursue legal action to defend their rights. Generally, 诉讼的第一步是聘请律师, who will serve as a legal representative and expert guidance every step of the way. 因为每个诉讼都是独一无二的, choosing an attorney who has the experience and commitment to treating your case as an individual can be a determining factor in the legal outcome.


自从全球官网电子游戏公司成立以来, we’ve proudly earned a reputation as one of the best legal firms in the state of Michigan. Led by Ross W. Keilen, a professional attorney committed to helping individuals and businesses, 全球官网电子游戏带来了专业知识和经验. The dedication that each of our attorneys have to every client is one of the qualities that also makes us one of the most reliable legal firms in Michigan.

除了商业诉讼, Keilen Law还在商业/公司法领域执业, real estate law, personal injury, employment law, and more. Our talented team possesses a diverse collection of skills and areas of expertise, 使全球官网电子游戏成为卡拉马祖最全能的律师事务所之一. In addition to our Kalamazoo law office, we also maintain offices in Grand Rapids.


无论你是作为原告还是被告面对民事诉讼, 有一个合适的律师站在你这边会让一切都不一样. Navigating the litigation process can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience, which is why it’s so critical to choose a legal representative that has your best interests at heart.

At Keilen Law, our attorneys and counselors are dedicated to serving as our clients’ trusted advocates, utilizing our extensive expertise and skill to pursue the best possible outcome in every case we handle. 当你选择Keilen Law为你的民事诉讼辩护时, you can be confident that you’re partnering with one of the best legal firms in Kalamazoo – one that will make you our very first priority.

有关诉讼程序的更多信息, 包括与你的情况相关的具体细节, please contact 凯琳律师事务所安排你的初次咨询.

Commercial Litigation

与商业相关的诉讼通常是基于合同的, resulting in a claim for breach of contract; however, 商业侵权也变得越来越普遍, and in some cases, 当然更合适. Other common claims for business-related lawsuits include interference with a contract, 违反信义义务, fraud-material虚假陈述, 盗用商业秘密, 违反竞业禁止协议, 以及其他重要的救济要求. Commercial litigators often represent privately held businesses; however, 其他情况包括:商业v. individual; individual v. business; and individual v. 具有商业能力的个人. Keilen Law代表公司、小企业和个人.

ADR -在提起诉讼之前,探索你的选择

在提起诉讼之前, your business lawyer should suggest exploring alternative dispute resolution, 可以节省时间和金钱. 协商、调解和仲裁都是有用的选择. However, in other cases, your lawyer ought to seek relief through the Court; justice often comes through a well plead complaint and a talented trial lawyer.



Civil litigation is legal action against another individual or a business. Generally speaking, it involves seeking monetary damages because of the actions of another party, 比如赔偿 车祸造成的伤害. Sometimes, the purpose of civil litigation is to obtain a court order to make the other party do something. For example, you can take a competitor to court to force them to stop using your company’s trademarks or pay you royalties.


并非所有的律师都关注法律的相同方面. 民事诉讼律师, 也被称为出庭律师, 对民事案件有丰富的经验吗. 诉讼律师可以在法庭上为你的案子辩护, 进行调查, interview witnesses, reach settlements, make appeals, 并以其他方式代表你. 这些律师与被告和原告都有合作.


Civil litigation involves disagreements or liability claims between individuals or businesses. 合同纠纷涉及民事诉讼, 比如员工违反了保密协议. Other common types of civil litigation include custody agreements, divorce proceedings, 医疗事故索赔, 人身伤害索赔, 产品责任索赔, 工人赔偿申索, 以及与车祸有关的诉讼.


You need a civil litigation attorney when you’re planning on filing a lawsuit or when you’re being sued. As the defendant, having an experienced attorney can help protect your interests. When you’re the plaintiff — the person taking the case to court — a litigation lawyer advises you on the best options and represents you in court. An experienced lawyer is even valuable when you prefer to stay out of court, such as when you’re trying to reach a fair settlement with an insurance company.


密歇根的民事法律很复杂. Making a mistake can prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve or from being able to sue in the future. Going to court is difficult — unless you have an experienced lawyer by your side. Before reaching any settlement, it’s smart to discuss the matter with a civil litigation attorney.


At times, filing a lawsuit is the only way to get the compensation you deserve and your family’s needs. Other times, you’ve been served with a lawsuit and must defend your finances or your business. With the help of an expert litigation lawyer, you can take the right steps immediately.

At Keilen Law PLC, we guide you through the civil litigation process and give your case a personal touch. Contact us 马上去密歇根了解更多.

凯琳·洛让复杂变得简单. 他们的员工是首屈一指的,并作为注册理财规划师™, 我满怀信心地推荐他们. 他们不仅倾听客户的需求, they take the time to know their clients personally to ensure all goals are met at the most efficient price. 这家公司的优点我说不完.

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